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Our Mission

Dogs for Adoption

Hearts for Hounds is a 501c3 non-profit organization aimed at saving the lives of dogs in danger of euthanization in rural shelters. We are a foster-based program, meaning each dog is placed in a temporary home where they receive the love and care that they may have never known before. Foster families play the critical role as the bridge between the cold, shelter life and the warmth and love of a forever home.

We focus our attention on rural, southern shelters that are considered "high-kill," meaning dogs are given a time limit before euthanization regardless of health or temperment. Stray dogs, hounds expecially, are an epidemic in the south due to a large hunting community, the absence of spay/neuter education, and a culture viewing dogs as property. Ex-hunting dogs are often thrown away when their job is done and these are the dogs that fill the shelters. Many of these dogs have never been in a house before, let alone know what it is like to be a valued and beloved member of a family. These are the dogs that we aim to save, love, and give a new life. Our mission is to save the throw-away dogs of the south and give them the life they deserve.

If you are interested in fostering visit our Foster/Donate page.

If you are interested in adopting visit Our Dogs page.